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Our Menu

Home of the Delicious Experience!

Gourmet Cheesecake at its Best and Guaranteed Always Fresh! Made with only the Finest and Freshest Ingredients.

Our Menu

The Home of the Delicious Experience!

Gourmet Cheesecake at its Best and Guaranteed Always Fresh!
Made with only the Finest and Freshest Ingredients!

Gourmet Cheesecakes

6inch $31.30  | 9 inch $43.40  | 10 inch $47.25

1. Almond Joy

2. Apple Crumb

3. Banana

4. Blueberry

5. Caramel Apple

6. Cherry Vanilla

7. Chocolate Banana

8. Chocolate Cherry

9. Chocolate Chip

10. Chocolate Espresso

11. Chocolate Hazelnut

12. Cinni-Bun

13. Coconut

14. Cookies & Cream

15. Dirty Banana

16. Funnilla

17. Health Bar Crunch

18. Lemon

19. Lemon Blueberry

20. Lemon Raspberry Swirl

21. Mint Chocolate Chip

22. Orange Cream

23. Peanut Butter

24. Peanut Butter Banana

25. Peanut Butter Crunch

26. Peanut Butter Cup

27. Pumpkin

28. S’mores

29. Snickers

30. Strawberry

31. Strawberry Banana

32. Turtle

33. Vanilla Bean

34. Vanilla Caramel

35. White Chocolate
     w/ Raspberry

Specialty Gourmet Cheescakes

6inch $35.70  | 9 inch $46.60  | 10 inch $49.90

1. Cannoli Supreme

2. Pecan Pie

3. Rocky Road

4. Triple Chocolate

Plain Cheescakes

6inch $29.25  | 9 inch $42.30  | 10 inch $46.70

Little Ones! Personal Cheescakes

Available every day with many flavors to choose from


Banana 14.95

Chocolate $14.95

Chocolate Banana $15.75

Key Lime $14.95

Peanut Butter $14.95

Peanut Butter Cup $15.75

Snickers Bar $15.75

Coconut Cream Pie $14.95


Small Cannoli $1.99

Large Cannoli $3.99

Banana Pudding $6.50


Strawberry Shortcake $35.50
(8” Triple Decker)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse $37.50

Carrot Cake $28.50

Red Velvet $35.00

Tiramisu (Tray) $44.50

Cakes By the Slice

Triple Chocolate $3.75

Carrot Cake  $3.75

Red Velvet $3.75

Tiramisu $4.35

Many Other Delicious Desserts Available  Daily!


Gourmet Cheesecakes, Cream Pies, and Specialty Cakes are Pre-Order and Pre-Pay.
Order by 1:00pm  (during business hours) for next day pick up after 11:00am
Plain Cheesecakes will be available daily while supplies last.

The Savory Side

Philly Cheesesteak

Tender Philly Steak lightly Seasoned
to Perfection! Choice of Cheez Whiz, American, or Provolone Cheese
Cheese Steak 12.25
Cheesesteak Hoagie 12.75
w/ Lettuce, Tomato and Onion
The Works 12.75
w/ Fried Onion, Sweet or Hot Peppers, and Mushrooms
Plain Steak 11.25
Chicken Cheesesteak Works 12.85
Chicken Cheesesteak 12.50

Meatball Grinder


Extra Toppings:
Hot or Sweet Peppers,
Mushrooms or Tomato .85
Bacon or Extra Cheeses 1.75

Chicken Parm Grinder


Mozzarella Sticks


Black Angus Burger

w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Onion,
Ketchup, and Mustard 7.50

w/Fries 11.85

Add Bacon 1.75

Add Extra Cheese 1.50

Chicken Tenders

w/ Fries (Cooked in Peanut Oil) 12.75

Kicken Chicken Tenders

Tender breaded chicken cuts smothered in Cheeze Wiz, topped w/ apple-smoked bacon and crowned with jalapeños


Fish & Fries Combo


Fresh Cut Fries

(Cooked in Peanut Oil)

Fries w/ Sea Salt 4.75

Cheezee Fries 5.25

Cheezee Bacon Fries 6.25

Onion Rings 5.25

 Gourmet Breakfast Sandwiches

Available All Day!

Egg and Cheese 5.25

Bacon Egg and Cheese 5.75

Sausage Egg and Cheese 5.75

Attention Customers with Food Allergies:
Please be aware that our food may contain or come into contact with common allergens, such as dairy, eggs, wheat, soybeans, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish or wheat.
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