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Creating a Delicious Experience

A Fortunate Misfortune

Lenny Chieffo was a successful professional painter when he faced a life changing medical condition in 2011 and was told he would never be able to reclaim the occupation that had served as his livelihood and creative outlet for fifteen years.

After twelve months in and out of rehab, Lenny realized he could choose to give up and feel sorry for himself, or get up and fight. He redirected all the passion, creativity, and perseverance from his painting career into baking, choosing to develop the everyday cheesecake recipe into something truly special. After hundreds of miles driven to taste acclaimed cheesecakes near and far, and hundreds of hours poured into cultivating and refining his recipe, Lenny woke up his wife at 4:30 one morning exclaiming, “This is it! You gotta taste this! I found the recipe!”

He had perfected his cheesecake recipe, and Little Lenny’s Cheesecake Bakery was born. Since that night, Little Lenny’s has grown from an in-home operation to a professional culinary retail space, but two values have always remained at the core of their business: the exemplary quality of their cheesecakes and artisan baked goods, and their steadfast customer service. Customers can taste the love, passion, and dedication in each and every bite, and feel appreciated from the moment they walk in the door until the moment they leave, happy and full. Lenny firmly believes in creating a product deserving of his customers’ investment in his business, and takes great pride in calling them up the next day to ask his famous question: “Did we give you a delicious experience?”

His faithful and rapidly growing customer base speaks for itself, and demonstrates that no matter who you are, you will certainly feel that you had that delicious experience – and more than that, you will feel like a valued part of his community. Lenny hopes his story will inspire those experiencing hardships or setbacks to not give up on their dreams. In a world where many interactions are automated and minimal, fighting for his dreams led him to grow a business that never fails to provide “A Delicious Experience” – one that is authentic, personable, guaranteed and will surely keep you coming back for more.

“Special thanks to J.N. for believing in me.” - Lenny

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